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    Welcome to the San Andreas Communications Department

    Honesty | Integrity | Professionalism | Community | Accountability

  • The communications department is looking for passionate, dedicated, and committed people to join the dispatch team. If you are looking for a challenge and have great discipline, then this is the department you want to join. 

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  • Why join Communications?

    The Communications Division is the backbone between the public and the emergency services that we work with. Communications is always looking for those who possess the great ability, tenacity, and desire to be part of protecting the three and helping to save lives. 

  • Mission Statement 

    To provide the very best level of service to the citizens of San Andreas by answering 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls in a prompt, efficient, and professional manner and dispatching the appropriate response, we help save lives, protect property, and assist citizens in their time of need.

  • Our Vision

    To protect the citizens of San Andreas, as well as coordinate our fellow Police Officers, Troopers, Deputies & Firefighters to aid the public with the speed and reliability necessary to uphold the law.



  • Programs

    Sit-Along Program

    Our Sit-Along Program is one of a kind. Newly trained recruits are required to do this program if they score below an 89% on the final exam, and those that score 90% or above have the choice to do the sit along program or move on to an Evaluation.

    The Sit Along Program's training operators are our most successful dispatchers. The program consists of sitting in with an assigned TO for a required amount of time to learn and also get hands-on experience.  A basic evaluation is done after the sit-alongs are complete and your TO feels you will be fit to dispatch on your own.


    Certification Program

    Our Certification Program is our newest program that allows any dispatcher to participate in obtaining 1 and/or all of our 3 types of Certifications.

    911/EMD - Emergency Medical Dispatching is an advanced 911 operator level certificate. This certification gives qualified/certified operators the ability to provide basic medical instructions over the phone to 911 callers. It is integral so that we can help save or maintain the quality of life until Fire or EMS units arrive on the scene.

    Fire/EMS Dispatching - This Certification is an advanced level of Fire Control dispatching so that operators can properly do fire call outs with tones, with proper dissemination of information, plain English speech, and other important Fire/EMS related radio traffic like patient or scene updates.

  • Command Staff

    Dispatch Director - Chad G. C-100

    Dispatch Deputy Director - Wes F. C-101

    Director of Operations - Luke Z. C-102

    Operations Commander - Matt M. C-103

    Operations Supervisor -  Chris B. C-104


    Department Leaders

    Dispatch Manager -  Blake R.

    Dispatch Supervisor -  Nick S. & Aaron B.


    Staff Members

    Lead Senior Operator

    Senior Operator IV

    Senior Operator III


    Supervisor in Training's

    Senior Operator II

    Senior Operator I



    Operator IV

    Operator III

    Operator II

    Operator I

    Dispatch Cadet