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  3. Supposed to be 2L-525 will change tomorrow.

  4. I would like to put my resignation in. Thought I would have been active again, but University is coming up soon and I need to focus on that. Life comes first. Sorry that I have Brough r that much value to the community. CIV-613 Signing off.

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  7. I got stuck in that traffic. That's me in the bottom left corner helping LEO stop AI from breaking through. lol
  8. I’m making custom badges for anyone who wants one to set as their TeamSpeak avatar! Feel free to message me on Discord, @Sammy M. Z-845#1782. Thank you!

    Sammy Maggio

    Dispatch Cadet Z-845

    San Andreas Communications Department

  9. Need DOJRP Profile updated from Recruit to Probationary Trooper, thanks.


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