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  3. Sorry for I have not been active for a few days, I have final exams coming up all next week for University and will be away studying. Hope you all have fun :) 

  4. My Boss crucifying himself to our Ambulance. --Not trying to offend anyone, just having a laugh--
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  7. Sorry I haven’t been logging patrol hours as of late, I’ve been extremely busy with family. I promise to be active on Friday, May 25, Tuesday, May 29 and my sit along on Thursday, May 31. Once again, sorry for the inconvenience. 

    Sammy Maggio

    Dispatch Cadet Z-845, San Andreas Communications Department

    Together the future is justice.

  8. @James H. 2L-220 | C-729 @Daniel M. Civ-702 | F-732
  9. Whole story on DOJ fan Discord, story no. 64.
  10. Hello there cowboy I'll keep you in mind if I see you in patrol.
  11. R.I.P Paramedic that hurt's. 10-99 FD down lol.
  12. nice one sarge look's nice. Go fight some crime! Hope you enjoyed that patrol.
  13. Being sick is the absolute worst. How can I RP with no voice!?!!!           😤😭

  14. I can only hope that during my time here I've created fun & interesting characters people both CIV & LEO/FIRE/EMS have enjoyed interacting with. If not I will try even harder to make it enjoyable for others!

  15. To everyone who gave me well wishes on the Discord servers, thank you so much! My birthday went so well.

    Thank you everyone!

    Sammy Maggio

    Dispatch Cadet Z-845, San Andreas Communications Department

  16. Warrant Services training was a success! I am now a proud member of the BCSO WSU. Thank you to those who took time out of their day to train us five probies.


    If you have any information or questions regarding a person with a warrant please contact and WSU Deputy or stop by the office.


    -George H. 3343

  17. My first case as a Junior Fire Investigator ! #FMO
  18. My first case as a Junior Fire Investigator ! #FMO
  19. Side note, being a P!NK isn't easy!  Ok goodnight.

  20. Thankful beyond words for all of those I have had the pleasure to RP with here in DoJ!  If you ever want to RP with me, just hit me up and let's go create a scenario.  I'm all about trying new things and being innovative. 

    "If you ain't learnin, you ain't livin!"

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