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    Welcome to the Los Santos Police Department Homepage

    "Improving the Quality of Life and Preventing Crime"


    The Police Department’s goal is to protect and maintain Los Santos' high quality of life and prevent crime. The department is responsible for enhancing overall community safety and safeguarding the rights of individuals. The Police Department is organized into specialized units and teams, staffed by both full-time, and volunteer officers to manage calls for service and facilitate problem-solving throughout the community.



    Chief of Police

    The Chief of Police oversees all operations of the police department and has the final say on any and all situations. The Chief commonly meets with all supervisors and receives their input for ways to make the department thrive.

    Bureau Chief of Police

    The Bureau Chief of Police keeps the Chief of Police informed of all operational activities on a day-to-day basis. The Bureau Chief directs the activities of either the administrative or operational side of the Police Department. They oversee command staff operations and help the Chief along with the other command staff members in making decisions.

    Assistant Chief of Police

    The Assistant Chief of Police keeps the Chief of Police informed of all operational activities on a day-to-day basis. The Assistant Chief directs the activities of either the administrative or operational side of the Police Department. They oversee command staff operations and help the Chief along with the other command staff members in making decisions.

    Deputy Chief of Police

    The Deputy Chief of Police is part of the "Team of Chiefs" who make major final decisions and aid each other in making those decisions. At their rank, They have the same duties as commander and help them with any inquiries they may have, but they also can make major decisions on their own. They can freely promote officers that they feel ready.

    Police Commander

    The Police Commander(s) are part of the command staff team. They oversee all department policies, patrols, divisions, supervisors, and procedures. The Commander(s) usually help make large decisions such as sub-division supervisor picks, SOP review, senior staff picks, and other administrative duties. In the event that there are multiple commanders, they would split up duties i.e. sub-divisions, patrol officers, supervisors.

    Police Captain

    Captains are the highest ranking officer who doesn't hold an administrative position. They oversee large patrols and act as a watch commander. They report to the command staff about the progress of any and all supervisors, sub-divisions, patrol units, department policy, and much more. Most things brought to them by Lieutenants are handled by them unless they deem it necessary to work up the chain of command. They also act as an ambassador to other departments for smaller topics.

    Police Lieutenant

    Lieutenants are the first rank in the police senior staff team. They oversee all sergeants and hold watch command positions in patrol. Occasionally, they will do checks on all of the sub-divisions standard operating procedures. Lieutenants help the command staff by giving input on big department policy changes.

    Police Sergeant - Staff Sergeant - Master Sergeant

    The Sergeant is the first supervisory rank of the department. They coach corporals and usually continue to run a subdivision until master sergeant. Sergeants are the first official rank on the chain of command. They are in game supervisors and take scene command and can assign units certain duties or beats. Master Sergeants commonly supervise the whole sergeant team and report to their superior about the other sergeants.

    Police Corporal - Senior Corporal

    The Corporals and Senior Corporals of the police department are supervisors in training. Sergeants coach them on supervising techniques and disciplinary action. They help make decisions for the department. Corporal is commonly a sub-division supervisor rank.

    Senior Police Officer I - Senior Police Officer II

    Senior Police Officers are police officers who have distinguished themselves over other by helping others and excelling at their duties. These officers commonly help sub-division supervisors with running their division. They are also officers who can take initiative on scenes in-game when a supervisor isn't present.

    Police Officer I - Police Officer III

    The next step in the career ladder with the Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) is Police Officer status. Police Officer I is the classification given to all LSPD officers upon finishing their Cadet status. Their duties are all normal patrol duties such as traffic stops and responding to calls. As officers' skills progress, they begin to rank up through the Police Officer ranks. At the Police Officer status, you are able to join most sub-divisions. Some divisions require a rank of Police Officer II.


    The first step in the career ladder with the Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) is Cadet. It is the entry-level classification given to all LSPD officers upon completing the Police Academy.

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    In order to join the Department we require a certain number of traits that you possess. Below we have listed both primary and secondary skills which we would consider a mandatory requirement and a foundation for an applicant so that it can be built on during the academy.



    As a peace officer of the Los Santos Police Department, you must be able to...


    • Respect others with sensitivity and possess interpersonal skills

    • Make decisions with a clear judgment

    • Work efficiently in and as a team

    • Remain mature consistently and must respect discipline

    • Be honest, as well as respect integrity and personal ethics

    • Set and achieve personal goals

    • Fluently speak and write using the English language


    As a member of the Los Santos Police Department, you must be able to...


    • Represent the Department professionally and maturely

    • Dedicate the vast majority of your game time to the Department

    • Be able to respect authority and follow instruction

    • Remain neutral as a server player and realize that your position of authority.

    • Recognize and obey server rules and understand that admin punishment may result in interdepartmental punishment.


    Upon being enlisted and progressing to the rank of a Police Officer I, you are entitled to specialize your type of patrol with specific sub-divisions. The sub-divisions array from tactical units to traffic enforcement. The LSPD offers every type of specialized patrol and engagement with the community to suit your needs and endeavors.  


    Port Authority

    The goal of the Los Santos Port Authority is to ensure the safety and well being of all who travel as well as ensuring the safe travel of legitimate commodities is not interrupted or put in danger. Through the use of a specialized team of Los Santos Police Department, we protect and serve the citizens of San Andreas, whether it be by Air, Land or Sea. We support the LSPD in multiple ways such as stated below:

    Vessel Pursuits
    Public Transportation Security
    Airport and Port Security
    Search and Rescue
    Evidence Recovery

    Traffic Enforcement Unit

    The primary duty of the Traffic Enforcement Unit is to enforce traffic laws in Los Santos to reduce and help manage traffic collisions while keeping the flow of traffic as fluid as possible. T.E.U focuses in areas of high crash rate and areas of high D.U.I drivers. Speed is a key factor in T.E.U as our response times are unmatched yet safe to the public. Our main focus is to keep the streets fluid for traffic, reduce D.U.I incidents, and respond to priority vehicle chase situations.

    Detectives Bureau

    The Detective Bureau is built on detail. We strive to never miss a clue and to cover every open end. The goal of the Bureau is to contain organized crime and ensure the right people are prosecuted for the right case. The duties of the Bureau include reporting and providing assistance of missing persons, theft reports, overseeing our three divisions. Becoming a Detective is a serious role and a privilege, and all Detectives are held to a high standard of professionalism as well as having strict training requirements.

    Air Support Unit

    Started in December 2017, the LSPD Air Support Division has served the community of DOJRP. Whether it’s providing an eye in the sky during a pursuit or searching for a lost person, the helicopter always finds a way to be of service. The Division can assist in Vehicle Pursuits, Missing Persons/Search and Rescue, and many more operations including but not limited to trailing suspects/targets, assisting with VIP escorts, airborne insight and tactical insight in large accidents.
    Apart from being very fast and very secure, the Air Support Unit also patrols Los Santos from above. Especially with high-risk situations such as demonstrations, large group gatherings and events, the great oversight that the “eye in the sky” has, is a way to reduce units on-scene and to create a safe and more secure feeling for the public.

    Police Education Division

    The mission of the L.S.P.E.D. is to continually enhance the professionalism of Los Santos Law Enforcement in serving its communities. Recognizing that effective law enforcement is the cornerstone of a free and safe society, L.S.P.E.D. is committed to a vision of the future that ensures quality, integrity, accountability, cooperation; and encourages new ideas in the LSPD. 

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