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  1. Trooper ended up in the ditch, luckilly PBPD and LSFD came to the rescue!
  2. Speed around that corner, I dare ya!
  3. Shade tree and a snack, great spot for some radar!
  4. Quite a scene ... but ended with tow needing the road closed. TED to the rescue!
  5. Just helping the guys out and directing some traffic while they arrest a silly criminal.
  6. Here sits a key piece of TED checkpoints.
  7. Making sure the LT doesn't get run over on his scene! @Cameron M. 3012
  8. @Tyler S. 3200Â @Reid W. 3004
  9. A quick TED meetup before tackling the crazy roads of Blaine County! @Tyler S. 3200
  10. Lookout, newly trained TED officers coming to a checkpoint near you!