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  1. I appreciate you!

    1. Reggie A. Civ-119 | 3944

      Reggie A. Civ-119 | 3944

      Unacceptable, I appreciate you more!

  2. You and I can be Birthday Buddies!  Mine is the 9th.  :)  Virgo's are the best ;) 

    1. Riley H. Civ-120 | 2L-862

      Riley H. Civ-120 | 2L-862

      Haha that's awesome Kelly, I never knew that! :) You got that last one right for sure! ;) 

  3. Thank you for all of the fun RP tonight.  We all really enjoyed the experience of harassing you.  You made all of that so much fun!

  4. I am super appreciative to be a part of this community and to see the direction it is heading.  So many people devoting so much time, energy and brain power into all of this, so the dream stays alive and strong for all of us.  To all those who give and give and give here, thank you for all that you do and know that you are so very special and appreciated.  Thank You!

    1. Kenan A. C-201

      Kenan A. C-201

      Beautiful Words Kelly, I'm touched. I could say the same about you and others. :D

  5. It is stressful moving 5 million dollars from Paleto Bay to Los Santos when you know that you are most likely being watched by the Russians and then they intercept your convoy and attempt to take it all.  Thankfully we had a Police Escort and they did't hit the correct vehicle out of the 3 in line.  Money was safely taken to the Pacific Standard Bank and deposited.  Phew.....

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    2. Devon S. Civ-331

      Devon S. Civ-331

      Dont forget the P!NK Crown Vic That escorted the money truck to safety 

    3. Kelly B. Civ-112

      Kelly B. Civ-112

      Reggie, you did freakin awesome at getting that Mule out of a bad situation and not sticking around, despite probably feeling like you should have!  

      Devon, solid job, as always.  You led the convoy and made sure the Mule was behind you and additionally safe.  Nice work dude.

    4. Kelly B. Civ-112

      Kelly B. Civ-112

      Oh and PROPS to the Russians for their role in this scenario:  Austin M. CIV-212, Dwayne M. CIV-213 and Tanner D. CIV-311.  Without their participation it wouldn't have been possible.  🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️

  6. So I wanted to ask, what is your favorite thing to do in DoJRP?

    Mine is definitely the freedom to work with various other people and the creativity you have here.

  7. Congrats on CIV of the Week!

  8. So many CIV 3's now!  Getting chased around by a gun toting madman has become increasingly likely.

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    2. Kelly B. Civ-112

      Kelly B. Civ-112

      Pucker up buckaroo...?

    3. Kelly B. Civ-112

      Kelly B. Civ-112

      Jacob, have you had some interesting encounters yet?

    4. Jacob T. CIV-421 | 2L-838
  9. Quality Background Pic lmao

    1. Kelly B. Civ-112

      Kelly B. Civ-112

      Hahaha I used tact and there is NOT a body on the ground!  :)

  10. Side note, being a P!NK isn't easy!  Ok goodnight.

  11. Thankful beyond words for all of those I have had the pleasure to RP with here in DoJ!  If you ever want to RP with me, just hit me up and let's go create a scenario.  I'm all about trying new things and being innovative. 

    "If you ain't learnin, you ain't livin!"

  12. Nothing quite like dressing up as a thuggish Russian dude and robbing people for hardly any money, over and over again....  The struggle is real in Blaine County!

  13. Motor Vehicle Contest down Joshua at high rates of speed. Nothing quite like getting through traffic right at the beginning.
  14. So much to do in creating a Gang SOP, but I'm super excited for the challenge...