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  1. You and I can be Birthday Buddies!  Mine is the 9th.  :)  Virgo's are the best ;) 

    1. Riley H. Civ-221 | 2L-862

      Riley H. Civ-221 | 2L-862

      Haha that's awesome Kelly, I never knew that! :) You got that last one right for sure! ;) 

  2. Awesome past week of patrolling, you don't need guns to have fun! My range of creative patrols of the week went from being a rich nice guy giving cash donations out to everyone, giving out plane tours of LS to other civilians, stranded in the wilderness, dirt biking tricks and accidents, participating in a car show, sinking an oil boat, helicopter crash, delivering ketamine in a truck convoy, and Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees RP to name just a few of them!