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  • A Message from the Commissioner

    Thank you for visiting one of, if not the best law enforcement agency here in the Department of Justice Roleplay Community. The men and women of the San Andreas Highway Patrol are determined in making not only the roadways of San Andreas safe and enjoyable for those to travel on but safe and enjoyable for those members who are here with us in the Highway Patrol. 

    We pride ourselves on excellence and with all that we have accomplished, I can say we have been quite successful!

    Below, you will find informative information about the Highway Patrol to include our rank structure, our mission and vision statement along with our promotional video.

    I want to again thank you for visiting our page and if you are looking to join an elite agency such as the San Andreas Highway Patrol, don't forget to apply when applications are open! 

    -Commissioner Devon C.


  • Administration Command

    Commissioner - Devon C. 5E-1

    Deputy Commissioner - Alexis M. 5E-2

    Assistant Commissioner - Blaise R. 5E-3

    Chief - Vacant 5E-4

    Assistant Chief - Darien F. & Joseph P.

    Staff Command

    Captain - Timothy J. 5S-6

    Captain - Michael S. 5S-7

    Captain - Damon F. 5S-8

    Captain - Magnus H. 5S-9

    Lieutenant - Chris S. 5S-10

    Lieutenant - James T. 5S-11

    Lieutenant - Vacant 5S-12

    Lieutenant - Vacant 5S-13

    Department Staff

    Master Sergeant

    Staff Sergeant


    Department Staff In Training

    Senior Corporal


    Department Members

    Chief Master Trooper

    Master Trooper

    Senior Trooper

    Trooper First Class

    State Trooper

    Probationary Trooper

    Highway Recruit


  • Mission

    The mission of the San Andreas Highway Patrol is to protect and serve all people in the state through enforcement, assistance, and education. We also provide mutual aid assistance to other agencies; provide for the safe, efficient movement of traffic on the roadways of San Andreas.


    Here at the San Andreas Highway Patrol, we strive for excellence in all that we do through the development of forward-thinking leadership and quality workforce. We are tasked with providing the best services to the residents of San Andreas, it's visitors along with its other agencies.

  • Subdivisions

    The Highway Patrol has many different subdivisions at its disposal to complete daily tasks. These subdivisions do anything from special traffic enforcement, investigations, and dealing with wildlife.


    Bureau of Air and Coastal Operations - Tristan T. & Matt O.

    Commercial Vehicle Enforcement -  Peter S.

    DUI Enforcement - Keith R.

    Bureau of Special Operations -  Willie H., Chris S., & Nathanial L.

    Motor Bike Unit - Brandon C.

    Motor Recovery Unit -  James T.

    Public Information Unit - Mark L.


  • Monthly Bulletin:

    Below you will find monthly bulletins for the San Andreas Highway Patrol!


    July 2018: Click Here!

    August 2018: Click Here!