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  • Our Mission

    The mission of the San Andreas Highway Patrol is to provide the highest level of safety, service, and security. We strive to watch over the citizens as they make their way across this great state. We stand ready to guard those unable to defend themselves. We are the guardians of the state, ready to defend against threats both foreign and domestic.

  • Administration Command 

    Commissioner - Martin D. 5001

    Deputy Commissioner - Devon C. 5002

    Assistant Commissioner - Alexis M. 5003

    Chief - Vacant

    Assistant Chief - Vacant

     Staff Command

    Captain - Magnus H. 5006

    Captain - Blaise R. 5007

    Lieutenant - Petter J. 5009

    Lieutenant - Joseph P. 5010


    Department Staff 

    Master Sergeant - John K. 5014

    Staff Sergeant - Damon F. 5015

    Staff Sergeant -Timothy J. 5016

    Staff Sergeant - Darien F. 5017

    Staff Sergeant - Tank R. 5018

    Staff Sergeant - Leo H. 5019

    Sergeant - Giuseppe H. 5020

    Sergeant - Frank R. 5021

    Sergeant - Michael S. 5022


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  • Vision

    Our vision is to grow, adapt and evolve to continue to offer the best protection available.

  • Subdivisions

    The Highway Patrol has many different subdivisions at its disposal to complete daily tasks. These subdivisions do anything from special traffic enforcement, investigations, and dealing with wildlife.


    Air Support Unit - Tristan T. & Chaz S.

    Commercial Vehicle Enforcement -  Joseph P. & Matt W.

    DUI Enforcement - Damon F. 

    Investigations Unit - Frank R.

    Motor Bike Unit - Brandon C.

    Motor Recovery Unit -  James T.

    Public Information Unit - Darien F.

    K-9 Support - TBD

    Special Enforcement Bureau - John K.